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Latest Articles

Everything you wanted to know and were afraid to ask about Demodex
CLINICAL INSIGHTS BASED IN CURRENT RESEARCH Everything you wanted to know and were afraid to ask about Demodex Etty Bitton, OD, MSc is an Associate Professor and Director of the Université de Montréal’s dry eye clinic....

Aniseikonia: Perceiving Different Sized Images
Humans are usually a little bit asymmetrical; this is why it is said that there are no two people exactly alike; there are always small differences between our right and left sides. Our eyes are usually fairly similar, but sometimes there is enou...

Vision Development Milestones: The First Year
Every parent wants the best for their child, and that includes good vision and good visual skills like tracking and moving the eyes as a team. There are a lot of little things parents can do to help their child with this process, and have fun wit...

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